• Trading Places -The Jewish Exponent

Finance, Investment, Workplace

  • Seagram's Future: A Splash of Scotch & Water.
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. (IPO Offerings)
  • Still In The Vanguard ( Interview: John C. Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group, Inc.)
  • She's On The Money (Jean Chatzky, Money Magazine)
  • Retirement Plans Bear Rethinking?
  • Just How Secure Are We In The New Marketplace.
  • Good As Gold? Maybe! (Investment strategy for altering portfolio allocation)
  • Upping The Ante (personal and professional financial planning)
  • Is Greed Still Good?"
  • Greed Is Good? Nah, Planning's Better.
  • Women, Hear Her Roar – and Enrich You.
  • Many Optimistic On Holiday Spirits, Spending.
  • Calling Up A Utility Player. (Utility Stocks That Light Up Your Portfolio)
  • Power To The Women.
  • 2004: New, Improved 2003?
  • Why is Everyone Jumping on The Bandwidth?
  • It's the Economy, Smartie.

Technology, The Internet

  • Tech-Tock: The Internet Clock Is Just Beginning to Hum
  • Tech-Tock: Is It Time Again For Technology?
  • E-Commerce? Excellent!

Lifestyle & Health

  • The Middle Ages (Not Just For the Old-At-Heart Anymore)
  • Health-Care Stocks Good for What Ails Your Portfolio?
  • Observing Deadlines – And Shabbat
  • Is it Easy Being Green: Can Social Investing Reap Investor Rewards?
  • Time to Win One For Yourself (coaching as advisor/advocate)
  • She's Zooming In On Boomers.
  • They're Feeling Right At Home. (Retirement Living)


  • An April Shower of Ideas. (Spring Is A Great Time – Bargain Wise – To Spring For A Vacation).
  • This Year In Jerusalem.
  • Blintzes In Bangkok? (Keeping Kosher While Traveling Has Never Been Easier)


Crisis/Reputation Marketing

  • What To Do When Buyers Get Mad (Professional Builder Magazine)
  • How To Handle A Crisis (reprinted in various publications)
  • Attack On Wall Street: This,Too, Shall Pass. (Trading Places)
  • Crisis Management: Dealing With The Unexpected. (Newsline)

Public Relations/Publicity/Promotion

  • Broadening the Concept of PR. Take A Look At Allied Opportunities (Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal)
  • Judging Your Public Relations (quoted)
  • Blueprint For Strategy: Carole Felton Uses the 4 P's of Marketing To Manage Communications. (Focus, and reprinted in other magazines)


  • Getting the Most Mileage From Your Marketing Budget. (Main Line Chamber of Commerce, Newsline Magazine)
  • Tie-Ins Help (Focus Magazine)
  • Businesses: Boomers Are In Command Of Today's Buying Decisions. (Main Line Chamber of Commerce, Newsline Magazine)
  • Marketers Emphasizing Results-Oriented Research. (quoted)
  • Clients Want More Specifics So They Can Target Customers. (quoted)

Real Estate Marketing

  • “Forging a Partnership With The Environment (Montgomery Newspapers)
  • No Place Like Home For An Office. (Carole Felton's office featured)

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