"On behalf of the Israel Ministry of Tourism, I would like to extend our congratulations on a very creative and successful "thirtysomething" in America vs, thirtysomething in Israel" program in Israel.

This program, your brainchild, illustrated to Americans as well as Israelis that their lives are very similar. Comparing what it is like to be "thirtysomething" in Israel versus "thirtysomething" in America is a truly unique and rewarding program. The film clips provided by ABC Television provided the Israelis in the audience their first glance at this successful American series; one that mirrors their own adult experiences very closely at times.

Amidst the headlines and the chaos, we often forget that Israel is a country just like any other. And, like the rest of the world, Israelis encounter day to day difficulties in their lives. Your program helped foster an understanding and an awareness that life in Israel is as "normal" as life in America. The positive image you projected of israel positioned the country in a new market. In essence, you created a different angle from which to view Israel.

The ministry is grateful for all your time and commitment. Our marketing efforts have been greatly enhanced by your talent and vision. I wish you all the best of luck and success always. If you produce the outstanding degree of work on other projects as you did on this one, the company employing you will surely benefit as much as we did. I hope we have the chance to work together in the future."

Josef Blumenfeld
Assistant Director
Israel Government Tourist Office
Washington, D.C.


"It is my sincere pleasure to write a testimonial for Carole Felton, President of Carole Felton Communications. The Montgomery County Immunization Coalition (MCIC) recently entered into a professional relationship with Carole after we determined that we needed someone with public relations and marketing expertise to bring some of our ideas to fruitiion.

In the short time that we have been working together I have observed her abilities in extrapolating goals that are expressed and then finding solid ways of accomplishing them. She has a vast knowledge of integrating branding messaging with marketing strategies that include not only traditional platforms but also Web 2.0 and social media. She has boundless energy and is a true team player. She shows initiative, takes the lead on issues that are important, and is dedicated to getting the project done.

In the last few weeks she has taken our coalition to the next level by getting us media exposure (print,radio,and television), established and maintained a Facebook page and secured excellent SEO on YouTube, scheduled interviews, and is currently working on an adolescent immunization event, all of which is beyond our wildest dreams. She has worked within the sometimes very challenging confines of the coalition activities and county government.

In closing, Carole brings to the table excellent people skills, wealth of knowledge, energy, and a willingness to get the job done. I believe she would be a true asset to any business or organization and marketing for any industry."

Susan Wenrick
Montgomery County Immunization Coalition


"Carole is one of the most creative and hard-working people with whom I have ever worked. She is enjoyable, fun to be around and a pleasure to know and work with. She is diligent when constructing a campaign, and tireless in promoting a product or service. But Carole is more than her joyous attitude and contagious personality. In addition to her marketing skills (she has won numerous awards for her PR and marketing campaigns), she is a wonderful event planner and is a catalyst in bringing people together. Carole is also a wonderful writer. I am quite impressed with her ability to find a great angle or story line, and then do needed research and follow-through to make the story sizzle. We always have gotten great coverage from her ideas. Her articles and media attention has bolstered traffic at our open houses and other events, and led to conversions and sales of homes. Carole delivers. Whatever the task you assign to her, or role she is asked to perform, she willingly jumps in, either by herself or other members of Carole Felton Communications that she brings with her. She has associates that work on an as-needed or per-project basis, who are substantial marketers who choose to work part-time. I am impressed with her understanding of digital marketing and gaining optimum exposure for her clients. Carole worked successfully to create the Judd Brand throughout Pennsylvania. She developed ìNew Home Expoî, bringing together several dozen vendors and other consumer-friendly items that proved to be quite successful when we introduced Ivyland Village( Bucks County). Carole collaborated with neighboring groups such as The United Way (York, PA), The Career Wardrobe (Philadelphia), The American Legion (Quakertown, PA), The Reading Phillies (Lower Macungie,PA) and others also in Lower Macungie, PA. She launched our Collegeville residential community, Valley High, with seasonal events and generated strong media coverage in local print and electronic media."

Victoria Teschner
Director of Marketing & Sales
The DePaul Group
Blue Bell, PA

"Carole is the consumate professional. She was there at every crticial point of our marketing campaign.I have worked with her on various occasions and have always been amazed by how quickly she gets results. She is one of the most creative individuals in the business and will get you placements that will reach your target audience. She will market and position your business/service in unique and exciting ways. If you are looking for extraordinary results this is the lady that delivers the goods."

Michael Hausman
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

"I have worked with several Public Relations firms throughout the region, and I have not found a more committed, capable, trustworthy agency than Carole Felton Communications. Carole overcomes the common stereotypes associated with the world of public relations by providing truly accountable, reliable service. She immerses herself in understanding the core of their client's business, searching for opportunities that go beyond the obvious, while creatively employing timely technology and contemporary media to promote her clients in every way possible.

The world of media has changed beyond belief, with people getting their information from diverse sources. And to be frank most PR firms just don't 'get it' anymore. Carole Felton does. If your PR agency doesn't see the world through this new lens, you are wasting your time and money. Thankfully Carole's understanding of new media is very much part of the solution to unraveling how to connect with the consumer going forward rather than harking back to what worked in the past She simply won't settle for less than the best. And that's a good thing, because neither will we."

Angelica Jeffreys
CEO, Phoenix Real Estate Publications, Inc.
Distinctive Homes Magazine

"Through the years I have had a few opportunities to work with Carole, including serving on several committees, one honoring former District Attorney, Lynne Abraham then again when we worked on the American Heart Association's communications and marketing committee. I have had more than two decades of learning to know her well, first when she was a graduate student, then with the passing years as a colleague and finally as a highly regarded friend. Although her professional life began in public relations, she was a pioneer in terms of adding marketing in its true sense to her skills in the days it before it became a partner with the public relations discipline. From the outset, Carole demonstrated an extraordinarily quick mind, and a keen sense of humor covered with a creative bent that raised her work from the usual to the unique. She carved a special niche in the quixotic real estate world, but covered other fields, as well. Observing that her generation was caught between their own children and that of caring for their parents as they aged, she dubbed her generation " the Go To Generation ì. As time has passed, Carole's writing skills havebrought her recognition with publication inThe Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal, and her columns in The Jewish Exponent and Distinctive Homes Magazine of the Delaware Valley, to name a few. As one might expect, her social blogs and comprehension of social media marketing have had a broad response. In short, Carole Felton Communications brings a fresh look at established products and services as well as new ones."

Shirley Bonnem
Public Relations Consultant

"When The Pohlig Organization was launching the premier 55+ lifestyle community, Athertyn, on the Main Line, Carole Felton was the PR consultant recommended by everyone with whom I spoke. And she not only lives up to her reputation as a dynamic, creative, hard working professional, but usually delivers more than we expected.

I was especially impressed with Carole's ability to bring collaborative partners together for mutual promotional marketing. Her network of contacts and connections throughout the Main Line, and, in fact, the region, is exceptional. She knows everybody! And it seems that everyone with whom we worked knew and respected her as a marketing and public relations practitioner.

Carole not only became a major player of our Pohlig at Haverford Reserve team, but became an integral part of The Pohlig Organization. She cared about her work for us and provided a continual flow of ideas to us in order to generate continuous media exposure for Athertyn at Haverford Reserve, and underscore the Pohlig brand of personalized, upscale development. I sincerely feel that her meticulous efforts in delivering PR for Pohlig were a wonderful match for this organization. I recommend Carole Felton (Carole Felton Communications) as we found her services more than satisfactory."

Carrie Sullivan
Marketing Director
Pohlig Builders

"Carole is unique. I have never worked with a consultant who is as creative, articulate and knowledgeable as Carole. In the few years that she has been working for Bryn Mawr Periodontal Associates (BMPA), she has provided me with unique perspectives and strategies and is always available to comment on a variety of topics as well as marketing-related activities. We have actually restructured our business with a stronger emphasis on marketing during this period, largely as a result of Carole's ideas and ability to transelate our business needs into marketing strategies. She helped us implement a business model for the next decade comsistent with social media's real time engagement, for today and the future.

Carole has a quick grasp of profession-specific issues. Her writing and content re-purposing for various platforms reflects a strong understanding of the relationship between oral health and general wellness. A brochure that she researched and wrote for us, "Ages & Stages" outlining oral health needs at every age spanning infancy through senior years, was so impressive it received an award, competing with companies such as Fidelity, Toyota, etc.

I look forward to working with her for years to come."

Edward Woehling, D.D.S.
Bryn Mawr Periodontal Associates

"I have worked with Carole Felton for more than 20 years as my own career in marketing management brought me to several prominent regional developers and builders. Carole has always provided terrific Public Relations and Marketing support through those years.

At Bentley Homes, Carole made the company a well-known name on the Main Line by keeping the company's name, stories and events in the press on a consistent basis. In addition, she worked very hard to conceive creative angles to the stories to keep them interesting to the public.

The Realtor community responded so enthusiastically to the Realtor events that Carole and I produced, but which she largely conceived and then publicized to the electronic and print media. Hundreds of Realtors come out for the Annual Valentine's Day Realtor Progressive Luncheon. They raved about the boutiques that Carole lined up for these events, and the other compelling and fun components that are Carole's signature in all the event planning she does. The open houses that we held were the most successful that Bentley Homes EVER had and resulted in sales of million dollar homes, over and over again.

Carole responds immediately to any request made of her. Although she has a boutique marketing and public relations firm and works with other clients, we always felt that we were her only client or the most important one. She always delivers more than is expected, and does more than is necessary. It is here passion, and she gives 100% regardless of any mitigating circumstances.

Throughout my long career in real estate management and marketing I have worked with many PR firms. I have never worked with any firm as results-oriented, professional and easy to work with as Carole. She is well-respected in the real estate industry and, I'm sure others in which she works. I heartily recommend Carole Felton, Carole Felton Communications, without reservation."

Marianne Harris
Vice President
Dranoff Properties, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

"During my enjoyable 30 years of real estate talk radio experience with 950-am on Sunday mornings, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting many public relations professionals who supplied me with the facts and insights on many upcoming real estate residential developments and issues that could be of interest to my loyal "All About Real Estate" audience.

None of those professionals was more competent in very detail of pre-production work, knowledge of the client's goals and objectives in the marketplace, and preparing their real estate clients than Carole Felton. Her skills are indeed unique I discovered, and her vast array of industry professional contacts literally unmatched, from my three decades of observation.

The "on air" result was proof of her attention to detail in every instance.  Clients, some naturally reserved and others ebullient verbally regarding their goals and newsmaking accomplishments-----were in each instance the beneficiary of my radio interviews----done with candor always and genuine interest in their vision in creating their newest community targeted at a specific portion of the market demographics.

That accomplishment simply doesn't just happen by accident , of course. Carole Felton immersed herself in providing her clients with the tools to put their media experience into the quality needed for professional broadcast consumption to real estate savvy audiences genuinely interested in learning all the pertinent facts."

Jay Lamont
Program host, "All About Real Estate"
Greater Media Radio (1978 thru 2009)

Founding Director & Faculty Chair Emeritus
Temple University Real Estate Institute
Columnist, Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc.

"Carole Felton has a special ability to look at a company or situation and understand it. She can identify the potential audiences for stories about it -- and, importantly, what each audience would value knowing about it. This equips her to make intelligent proposals to writers and editors and then help them get what they need efficiently. With news staffs shrinking and demands for productivity rising, her time-saving skills are increasingly important. She also has a wonderful imagination in crafting and executing plans for events that smartly showcase companies, products and issues."

Henry J. Holcomb
Former staff writer and editor, 
The Philadelphia Inquirer (1983-2008)

"Carole Felton was the first PR person I met when I started writing for City Line News (now City Suburban News) over twenty-five years ago. Before I knew what was happening, Carole had me 500 feet in the air, holding on to scaffolding with one hand and my camera in the other, as I stood next to William Penn's hat during the restoration of the statue atop Philadelphia's City Hall.

Since then, Carole has sent me many Press Releases that I used in my weekly Out and About columns, covering her numerous public event projects and client happenings. Carole Felton occupies a top rung in the Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing business."

Jerry H. Bloom 
Staff Writer
City Suburban News


"I just wanted to write and thank you for all your incredible support and expertise in making  ( Bryn Mawr 100, the inaugural event, changed to Bryn Mawr Day)) a success. Your time and efforts made a huge difference and brought a celebration of the history of the area into this century!!! We all really appreciate everything you did, Carole, and look forward to working with you again !"

Pooh Gephart
Dean of Students
The Baldwin School
Bryn Mawr, PA


"...SPECIAL THANKS TO Carole Felton of Carole Felton Communications who "put us on the map" with great PR/Social Media."

Brenda J. Viola
Public Information Officer
Lower Merion Township


"After marketing new  homes for decades, the best lesson I have learned is that sometimes it pays to bring in the big guns.

Arbor Heights redevelopment project of only twelve affordable homes in a challenging neighborhood had a tiny marketing budget. Our groundbreaking event had to reach potential buyers, build credibility for the neighborhood and bring together a very diverse group of stakeholders.

I called on Carole Felton, Carole Felton Communications, to take on the challenge. Despite jumping on our team just a week before the event, Carole got herself up to speed on the details of the community and the homes within hours. Then Carole used her status as a trusted PR veteran to get the word out to absolutely every media person within a 50-mile radius.

She delivered coverage on "Action News" and an interview with the builder on KYW News Radio, CBS,  and The Times Herald. Our community got much needed exposure, and the elected officials and community leaders who joined us were thrilled to be a part of the event. Now Carole is helping us extend that success with social media exposure.

Carole is unflappable, generous and a real joy to work with. I look forward to future collaborations with her.

Andy Detterline
Andy Detterline & Associates



Carole Felton is one of the most effective communications professionals I have ever encountered. As the owner of a home building  and residential development company, I often employ a targeted communications strategy as part of a broader marketing plan. It is key to winning land development entitlements as well as to effectively selling new home communities in a particular locale. In Norristown, Carole single-handedly created a successful media strategy that literally turned around well-worn negative perceptions about the municipality by telling a positive story. It became a tri-win campaign: my company's new townhomes being sold, Norristown being primed for resurgence, and young first-time home buyers seeing the municipality in a fresh light.  Carole understands intuitively the choreography of media stories in order to create and keep the "buzz" going. Carole has a real gift for what she does.

Sarah Peck
Progressive Housing Ventures, LLC


Carole is doing an AMAZING job on the PAIC social media. She is right on top of breaking news and making sure all of the PAIC feeds are highly relevant. (email)
Erica DeWald 
Member, Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition
Director, Advocacy
Vaccinate Your Family


On behalf of the PAIC Board of Directors, I want to thank you for all of your hard and dedicated work on our behalf...we appreciate your dedication and support of immunizations.

Gail E. Wright
Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition Board of Directors


This woman, Carole Felton Shore is a perfect example of our mission to empower other women. It is just her nature to build others up, connect with everyone and she has a huge impact on our community! To say we appreciate all you do is an understatement.
Next on her agenda is the 2nd ever Bryn Mawr Night which she started in 2019 and was a huge success!
This year it is Friday, September 24th from 5-8 pm! If you are local make a night of it and meet others in the community and come support Bryn Mawr!

Sandy Goldstein Edelstein
Boutique Owner, Buyer, Stylist and Morale Booster at Grove 121
Bryn Mawr, PA

I reinforce Sandy's words and thank Carole for the massive amount of work she did for the Bryn Mawr Business Association in showcasing Bryn Mawr's business and restaurant community. Her time and expertise created a very positive impact throughout the community.

Tim Rubin (conveyed at board meeting)
(Past) President
Bryn Mawr Business Association
Board of Directors
Bryn Mawr, PA


Carole is truly a one of a kind soul. Not only does she possess all the qualities a PR practitioner should possess but also has the biggest heart I have ever met, Carole came to our rescue during our failing months during the Pandemic as a restaurant and presented the most creative and fun ways to help us market ourselves. We loved involvement with Eldernet, #racismisavirus. and other community partners. We were amazed at her ideas and personality and we couldn't help but adopt her. Our revenue increased proficiently and the community started noticing us and switching Asian restaurants, Carole is amazing at gathering events and has an astounding approach to working with people. She is always updated with the trends and knows all the avenues for marketing such as social media. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Our family was so lucky to have her.

Kimberly Mak
Restaurant Owner


Thank you!! Your support is greatly appreciated and so very meaningful to us.

Iryna Hanuschack
The Choice Restaurant
Bryn Mawr, PA

**Note In context of my efforts to help gather needed items from the area to send to families in the and her family in this country Ukraine. I pursued the Lower Merion Schools through Cheryl Masterman, Inter School Council co-president, Lower Merion School System, to partner and create a community service project for high schoolers. This project would enable a wonderful collection opportunity to gather specific goods needed by selected Ukranian Organizations in the U.S. to send to the Ukraine plus help Ukrainian Refugee. Iryna and her family living locally and working at The Choice worked hard in collection and running their restaurant and were happy to have auxiliary help and support as the war raged on.


Carole, It's you who should be thanked. What a herculean effort you pulled off yet again. I.m sure the exposure to Bryn Mawr establishments will pay off going forward.

Sarah Peck
Progressive Housing Ventures, LLC


...(Carole Felton Shore) has made a big difference to all those who live and have businesses in Bryn Mawr, she's putting us on the map.

Sandy Goldstein Edelstein
Grove 1.2.1. Boutique